Wednesday, March 09, 2005

On Prositution Part II

Ok here we go again. First some comments based on reactions I got. 1) I wasn't totally ignoring men as postitues, I just happened to be thinking of women. Most of the issues I'd imagine are the same (except it's no longer a "women's issue").
Also, to clarify, the we are all prostitutes argument is meant to quell the idea that sex (which is good) suddenly becomes bad when you do it for gain.
Ok now the "horrible conditions" argument. First off, let's clarify something sex slavery and prostitution are different things. I think when a lot of people when the think of prostitution are thinking of sex slavery where the postitutes are essentially owned by their pimps. This is a horrible crime, and it's practitioners need to be hunted down and killed.
The Street Life: What has driven postitutes to the street corners is the illegality of what they do. If fully liscenced and inspected establishments were able to operate (subject to labor laws), they could work outside of these conditions. Or they could work in a manner much like the one described in the article. This would allow them to choose the clients they serve. With consenting women making a legitmate removed from the equation, authories can focus on real crimes like sex slavery.
STDs: Well, I'm not going to sit here and say that all prostitues will always be 100% safe, there are risks and you accept the risk as part of the job. However. there are steps that can be taken. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until someone listens: If we want to stop the spread of STDs we need to BECOME A TESTING SOCIETY. Where testing is not only socially acceptable, but expected. This benefits everyone. This would require a serious testing infrastructure, which would produce a way of getting accurate, certified results that would be VERY VERY hard to forge. I didn't say impossible, because it is a deadly mistake to believe any system is unbreakable.
With this in place, establishment would be by law required to have their workers tested and to not employed those who test positive. Prostitutes can require similar proof from their clients. It's not a perfect system, if for no other reason than the fact that disease's have incubation periods before they show on tests. However, with widespread testing in place, the levels of STDs in the population at large will go down, and the risk will ba managable.

A few final words. This post is not about whether I think people out to be prostitues, I don't. This post is based on the premise that in a free society(which would purport ourselves to be ) you don't need a reason to make something legal. Instead, you need a VERY VERY good reason to make something illegal. My position is that that reason does not exist and that this is just an attempt to substitute moralism for law, something a free people ought never accept.
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