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The Essay Page

Welcome to the Essay Page, the meat of the site as it were. Hope you enjoy them. I welcome all comments. For my terms of redistribution please see the FAQ. Special thanks to Tim-Chris for provided the CSS template to make the bad word HTML go away.

11-23-04: "Vox Poluli, Vox Dei"- The dangers of democracy now rear their ugly head in America. (HTML RTF)
7-14-04: "Social Duct Tape" - why some problems aren't really "solved." (HTML RTF)
5-19-04: "Drugs Are Not Guns" (HTML RTF)
5-13-04: Why Free Software Can't be Free (HTML RTF)
5-12-04: Ask and you Shall Receive (HTML RTF) A look at the anti-DMCA law now in committee in the House.
5-07-04: Why Society Doesn't Exist (HTML RTF)
5-06-04: Government as the Hobbean State of Nature (HTML RTF)
5-05-04: How to Keep On Rockin' in the Free World: A Solution to P2P, the RIAA, the DMCA and other Acronyms. (HTML RTF)
5-04-04: Fair Play, Fair Use and The AAs (HTML RTF)

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