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Crazy Ivan's FAQ (Modified 5-17-05

1. The Site

2. The Author

3. Misc

4.The Meta-FAQ

1.The Site

1.1 What is this site?

The site is a place for me to distribute what I consider my unique philosophical perspective to the world. If things go as I would like the site will develop a substantial readership and engage in lively debate on issues. The point of this site is not to make you agree with all my viewpoints but to encourage thinking and debate on both your and my part. I will be wrong from time to time. I want to be called on it. Most of all, it's a place for me to express my thoughts on Life, The Universe, and Everything.

1.2 Is it a blog?

Yes and No. It's a blog in that it contains my personal reaction to a number of issues. It's not a blog in that my personal life will appear in the site at most indirectly and there will be nothing approaching daily updates. Update 5-17-05: I now have a blog in the traditional sense.

1.3 How often will the site be updated?

In short, as often as I get around to it. Updating requires me to have something to write about. It also requires me to have time to write and post. Both of these things will vary greatly. I'll be a lot more motivated if I get feedback to update. I'll try to do an update at least once a month, but I make no promises. Updates will often come in spurts as the amount of other things I have to do varies and as I become impassioned about various issues. Update 5-17-05: Updates have been slow recently, I intend to increase the pace.

1.4 Why is the site so poorly designed?

For the purpose of this site, a fancy design just is not needed. I'm a big believer in the idea that form should follow from function. My ideas will be no more compelling laced with Perl and Java applets. If the site being ugly really bothers you, you like web design, and you want some web design cred let me know, maybe we can work something out. Update 5-17-05: As I write this, I'm writing the site to use a PHP backend to render all the pages dynamically. This will make it easy for me to maintain the site, but will have little effect on my users.(at least for now)

The Author

2.1 Who are you?

In short, nobody special. Just a guy with a bunch of crazy ideas about the world he'd like to share with other people and see what they think See my biofor a more detailed answer to this question.

Where does the name Crazy Ivan come from?

Crazy Ivan is the name of a Russian submarine maneuver which I first heard of when reading Tom Clancy's The Hunt For Red October. A more detailed explanation of the maneuver can be found here. I also like the image the alias conjures up: some crazy Russian dude sitting in a cabin somewhere writing manifestos.

2.3 I have a question/comment/flame, how can I reach you?

I welcome all correspondence. I refer you to the contact page. I do it this way because it makes it easy to update contact info in one place rather than dozens of places across the site.

2.4 What authority do you have to make these arguments?

Well if you're asking that question, chances are the answer is "none that you'd care about." I hold no formal degrees and have never been formally published. That being said, I've heard the sagest wisdom from the mouths of high school dropouts and the greatest idiocy come from the mouths of Ph.ds. It is a well known logical fallacy to accept arguments solely on the basis of the credentials of the author. Likewise, I believe it to be a fallacy to reject an argument solely because the author lacks some artificial certification. If you want to attack my ideas, great. I love to be challenged on the merits of my arguments, but it accomplishes nothing to attack my arguments simply because I don't "have a t-shirt to prove that I know what I'm talking about" as it were.

2.5 You're an idiot. God damn motherfucking liberals are the ruin of this country.

Not so much a question, but I'll answer anyway. As to the general tone, insults without content really won't get you anyway. Note that I'm not easily offended, so insults may be sprinkled as liberally as you like in well-reasoned counterargument. Now to the content. As to being a liberal, I am one insofar as you look to the roots of the term which are associated with freedom. I believe in the maximum amount of individual freedom possible. Sometimes this agrees with the views of those called "liberal," sometimes it agrees with the "conservatives," and sometimes pretty much no one agrees with me. As to being the ruin of this country, I got to say, "I can only hope so." This country as it stands today is an abomination to everything I was taught the United States of America was supposed to stand for. I hope it dies a swift death, so that freedom can return; I would love to be considered among its executioners.


3.1 What are you policies on redistribution?

Do it. Please. All the material of this site is governed by a Creative Commons License. I do have two requests though 1) If the format allows please link to the site. However, DO NOT LINK to the essay itself. Instead, link to the main page or the essay page as the top level domain for the site may change and I can't put redirects on the essays themselves. 2) If using an excerpt, please use one that is large enough to provide context. A sentence or two taken out of context could make it seem like I'm advocating something I'm not.

3.2 Can I publish an article on your site?

The answer is probably yes, the more content the better. The following apply: 1) You MUST BE THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR. If you have an essay you'd like to see here that you didn't write, have the original author contact me. 2) The essay must be a well-written, well-reasoned argument in my judgement. 3) I will not publish an essay I disagree with UNLESS it is a direct counterargument to something I have written. If for whatever reason, I choose not to post something. Hey, it's a free Internet(for now anyway), don't let me stop you. Happy writing.

3.3 I'd like to cite you for some scholarly publication/paper/project. How do I do it?

In short, you don't. Pretty much any instructor or referee will eat you alive if you try and cite someone without at least a master degree in the field they're writing about. Is this wrong? Absolutely. (see 2.4) But that's the way academia works. If you look hard enough you can probably find some "authority" who says whatever it is you wanted to cite.

3.4 I have an issue I'd like to see your opinion on, will you write about it?

I only write about things I feel strongly and have considered at some length. Since coming up with topics is a major challenge I'll be happy to take suggestions, but for a variety of reasons, I may not take them, so don't be offended. Even if I do like a suggestion it may be some time before the resultant essay is posted.

The Meta-FAQ

4.1 Did anyone actually ask these questions?

um err well no. The FAQ is slightly misnamed since the questions were not even asked let alone frequently. However, I think that answering some of these questions upfront is important. It also facilitates my delusion that the site will some day have a large question asking readership as well as to help flesh out the site

4.2 How do I add to the FAQ?

I would love to see the FAQ change and grow. Please see question 2.3 for contact info.

Disclaimer: All information on this page copyright 2004-2005 Anthony J.Zana unless otherwise noted. If you have any question regarding copyright issues and this site please contact me

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